About | Frooking

Frooking is:

A place to share recipes with the world

Somewhere to find new recipes

Where you can meet some friends to share recipes

How doesFrooking work:

My Kitchens - You may create kitchens here to post your recipes.
  • Kitchen naming and organizing is totally up to you. For example:
  • Create a kitchen for Italian deserts
  • Have a kitchen that just displays entrees
  • Or, create one for an entire meal (appetizer, entree and desert)
  • It's entirely up to you how you want to name and organize your kitchen(s).
  • Kitchens can be invisible or visible to other members. It is YOUR choice who can and cannot see your kitchen(s).
  • You may choose to invite friends that are and are NOT on Frooking to enjoy and comment on your recipes.